Whether as a partner in a crisis or for consulting to increase performance and competitiveness - TLC accompanies you with multidisciplinary consulting services. Know-how from legal advice, tax advice, auditing, digital performance and mediation thus ensures sustainable restructuring, performance improvement and noticeable development.

Consulting is not implementation? TLC supports you with active project management and project controlling and coaches managers and entrepreneurs.

SERVICES – CONSULTING What we offer you

  • Crisis management and restructuring advice
    • Development of rehabilitation concepts
    • Assistance with crisis financing and public funding programmes
    • Negotiations with banks and other creditors
    • Examination of equity investment / turn-around financing
    • Advice on fall-back solutions
    • Insolvency plan preparation
    • Interim management
  • Transaction consulting
  • Due Diligence (Vendor and Buy Side)
  • Debt Advisory
  • Project management
  • Project controlling
  • Advising the CEO and CFO
  • Business start-up consultancy
  • Carrying out company valuations
  • Executive and entrepreneurial coaching
  • Asset planning
  • Advice and appraisal of investment products submitted by the client
  • Identifying and advising on gaps in coverage
  • Calculation of planned fixed investments, for example real estate
  • Asset analysis incl. determination of net assets (asset status report)
  • Asset Protection Consulting
  • Strategic asset planning and asset allocation

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Consulting by the TLC specialists

Whether it is the introduction of digital structures and the development of new markets under time pressure with all the associated legal and tax issues, negotiations with investors and banks or general transaction advice for sellers or buyers - the range of questions and challenges is wide.

TLC has a team of consultants with special qualifications, such as tax advisors, lawyers, auditors and other experts in areas such as digitalisation. With crisis management and restructuring advice, we are happy to accompany you in challenging times. We support you and your team in the implementation of restructuring projects or in the further development of your company with consulting, coaching, project management and controlling.

As part of wealth planning and protection, we advise you on investment products, pension gaps and asset protection - naturally with the appropriate asset analysis and strategic vision.