Non-profit organisations make an essential contribution to the functioning of the social system. In the most diverse areas of activity (culture, sport, leisure, education, research, health, social services, environment, interest groups), services are provided which, on the one hand, relieve the state and, on the other hand, make a significant contribution to overall economic value creation.

We know about the special tax and legal requirements of NPOs. Do you operate across borders with your organisation? TLC also brings a lot of know-how and experience to the table here.


Support in competition

The competitive factor is also playing an increasingly important role in the non-profit sector. Growing financial pressure is just as much a reality as the wishes of sponsors, investors and the public for more financial transparency. Government funding is being cut or eliminated, and the willingness to donate is put to the test every day.

Today, functionaries of non-profit organisations have a managerial function in which they bear a high personal liability risk in both the commercial and tax areas. Tax and business management tasks are sometimes very complex and require not only specific expertise but also a time-consuming commitment of work.

Efficient accounting and controlling therefore represent an important aid for decision-makers. It is precisely in these areas - tax consulting, management consulting and auditing - that we offer you our know-how.

We understand your philosophy of "thrift on principle".

In order to achieve as much as possible with your organisation, you need to target the resources you have. You cannot afford to lose money. Frugality is the overriding principle for non-profit organisations. Our advisors ensure that the available funds are used optimally for you and that benefits are fully utilised.

The tax office stops at no one.

Non-profit organisations are tax-privileged - but not all activities are tax-exempt. Tax traps also exist for non-profit organisations. At the same time, there is a risk of overlooking tax benefits that can bring significant advantages to your organisation.


  • Accounting according to special account framework
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements (income/expenses)
  • Expenditure accounts or balance sheets and appropriation accounts) and tax returns
  • Ongoing support

Audits and audit-related services according to IDW standard (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany)

  • Annual financial statement audits / cash audits /
  • Audits of the use of funds
  • Special audits and expert opinions

Business management consulting

  • Risk management and controlling systems
  • Introduction of process and cost management
  • Planning calculations and expert opinions
  • Redevelopment
  • Redevelopment and restructuring of non-profit
  • Organisations
  • Preparation and controlling of budgets
  • Funding and fundraising


Tax and legal advice

  • Advice on the liability of directors and treasurers

  • Securing tax relief and avoiding tax risks by:
    • Review and amendment of the Articles of Association
    • Review of the formation of reserves
    • Audit simulation and risk consulting
    • Representation before tax offices and tax courts

  • Individual sector solutions e.g. for sports clubs, booster clubs, religious communities,
  • Professional associations etc.
  • Advice on setting up a company / choice of legal form / drafting the
  • Statutes / Application for tax relief
  • Donations law and sponsorship
  • Tax optimisation and restructuring of
  • Economic business operations

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