Property Tax Reform 2022

Following a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court and a subsequent change in the law, around 35 million properties, as well as agricultural and foresty enterprises, will have to be revalued as the basis for calculating property tax in Germany in 2022.

For each plot of land and each agricultural and foresty enterprise, owners must submit a declaration of assessment for the determination of the land value to the tax authorities in electronic form in 2022.

The revaluation is based on the value ratios as at 1 January 2022.

Since the tax authorities need several years to revaluate all properties, the new values will not be used to calculate property tax until 2025. However, the values must already be submitted to the tax office by Octobr 2022, otherwise there is a risk of late surcharges and penalty payments.

A state opening clause enables the federal states to adopt and apply their own state solutions instead of federal law. Several federal states have already made use of this, which makes the preparation of the declaration of assessment more difficult for the layman.

Property owners are directly affected and legally obliged to actively participate in the revaluation process. There are a number of preparations to be made for this.

We take over the entire process of revaluation for our clients, the preparation of the assessment declaration and communication with the tax auhtorities, so that you fulfil your legal obligations and at the same time do not have to pay more property tax than necessary.

We only need some documents and information on the property. These documents and information are provided by our clients via our digital platform or, if desired, also in analogue form. We have reduced the effort for out clients to a minimum in our processing procedure.

Since the declarations of assessment must be submitted to the tax officers by the end of October 2022 and almost all properies in Germany are affected, he preparation of the declaration should be started several months in advance so that the deadline can be met.


Our TLC team of experts "Property Tax Reform" will be happy to contact you to explain the process, answer your questions and provide you with our price list.


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