As a successful business enterprise, we want to contribute our share to the common good. That is why TLC supports many meaningful projects and is involved as a training company. We encourage and support our team in volunteering or supporting projects.

Internal and external engagement

Own social and ecological projects plus promotion of young talent

TLC supports many meaningful projects and is involved as a training company for various professions. We work together with various universities and technical colleges.

Every year we make efforts in our own projects, where the use of funds is in our hands, to make a positive difference. For example, we have sent German dentists to orphanages in India, funded after-school programmes in Namibia and built 200 temporary houses in Nepal after the devastating earthquake.

Pro bono advice

Entrepreneurship is the reason for progress, economic prosperity, social security and employment.

Especially at the beginning of their business, entrepreneurs take on a high financial risk, an enormous workload without free time and often little encouragement from their environment.

That's why we make our experience and know-how available to a few budding entrepreneurs every year. The TLC specialists advise them free of charge or at reduced fees on the first steps towards a successful business.

AWARDS Awards, honors and certifications