Who takes over when you leave? What structure should assets or companies have in order to be optimally protected and prepared. What provisions and strategic decisions should be made for the long term? Anyone who has built up a business, created an asset, makes considerations on these and other points. With a multidisciplinary partner, you can plan early and clarify all tax and legal issues.

We place particular value on trusting and personal advice for our clients. With a fixed contact person who can be reached at any time or your personal TLC team.


Our advice is aimed at securing your family assets as well as the orderly succession of your business and avoiding any inheritance disputes. The focus of our advice and structuring is the targeted and planned succession of assets under tax-optimised aspects.

We advise on and draft testamentary dispositions (wills, legacies, inheritance contracts) as well as all necessary powers of attorney (general and health care powers of attorney, voting powers of attorney, living wills).

In addition, we support you in planning and implementing anticipated succession and draft, for example, gift agreements for the transfer of assets, company shares and real estate (if necessary, subject to usufruct).

Together with you, we develop a succession concept tailored to your situation in the context of business succession.

These include:

  • Drafting powers of attorney to enable rapid decision-making in health, economic and legal matters,
  • Drafting testamentary dispositions to legally secure your last will and testament,
  • Adaptation and amendment of, for example, partnership agreements, family partnerships, pooling agreements,
  • Tax planning for your (business) succession and optimisation,
  • Ensuring the implementation and execution of your testamentary disposition by appointing an executor, setting up a foundation or drafting a family constitution.

As executors, our lawyers ensure the enforcement of your testamentary disposition (legal and tax advice).

In addition, we conduct out-of-court and in-court inheritance settlements.

What clients say about TLC

ODERGLAS is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality construction and façade glass.

TLC AG and TLC Legal successfully support Oderglas in the generation change, the company succession.

"Tax advisor Marcus Nitsche (TLC AG) and lawyer Manuel Numrich (TL Legal) worked hand in hand to find and advise on a creative way of structuring the company succession. The economic, tax and legal elaboration in detail was carried out by the TLC Legal and Tax teams. There was permanent coordination with us. In particular, we were closely supported in questions and appointments concerning pension commitments and up to the notary appointment.

Without TLC's ideas, we would not have solved this big and important task until today. Even through emotional moments, TLC persistently stood by our side. Many thanks to the TLC tax and legal team! We have been dealing with the succession since 2013. Now it is done - thank you!"

Christian Dahlick
Managing Director and Shareholder of Oderglas GmbH
Müllrose, 2 September 2020


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