We have special expertise in supporting companies in crisis, NPOs and family offices. TLC assists with digitalization, going international, mergers & acquisitions and, of course, succession issues.

TLC has an optimal company size to advise national and international medium-sized companies, high net worth individuals, start-ups, associations and foundations, investors and corporations personally and efficiently at the highest professional level.

Companies in crisis

Non Profit Organisationen

Real Estate


Private Equity

Going International

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


Family Offices


What we offer you

We are partners at your side
As a law firm run on a partnership basis, we attach particular importance to providing our clients
with personal and trustworthy advice. We stand for competence and efficiency.

Good contacts - your personal advantage
In the course of our professional activity, we have succeeded in establishing
very good contacts with banks, tax authorities and other public institutions. This ensures fast and smooth processing - which of course also benefits our clients.

We know your industry
Every industry has very specific advisory needs. Solving
these issues competently and optimally is only possible if you, as a consultant, deal exclusively with these specific concerns. Knowing our clients' needs better and orienting ourselves to them is our top priority.

Large but not impersonal
Our staff have the entire infrastructure of a large law firm at their disposal, with the latest technology enabling work and organisational processes to be carried out quickly and effectively. This highly efficient handling of routine work saves time and money. This allows each advisor to concentrate fully on his or her client, in line with our philosophy: "One client - one advisor".

High professional competence and specific industry knowledge - we want to guarantee you this optimal combination in all our services.

AWARDS Awards, honors and certifications